Inwindow Paint

Works of Art for Your Brand

Introducing Inwindow Paint, a revolutionary new medium that brings together the world’s leading street artists to transform storefronts in high-traffic areas into bespoke, limited-run installations that leverage your brand’s equity in a powerful way.

Unlike traditional large-format murals, Inwindow Paint’s custom works are not just flat, painted walls generated by computers. Instead, they are born from the boundless creativity of renowned graffiti artists, making each piece a truly unique and captivating masterpiece.


Our goal is to captivate audiences who are far too good at tuning out the constant bombardment of typical advertising. Storescapes are remembered long after they’re experienced because they’re truly different. Furthermore, our digital campaigns invite users to touch, engage and even take a photo to share on social media platforms and most importantly provide LIVE feedback on your brand’s impact.


  • Vacant storefronts transformed into powerful advertising.
  • Available nationwide on some of the busiest streets in top DMAs.
  • Additional inventory at 1,200+ malls across the country.
  • Optional back-lighting for night viewing.
  • Each Storescape is 100% unique.


  • Storescapes specially outfitted with digital signage.
  • Options include: video walls, seamless projection, touch screens, camera feeds, photo capture, facial recognition, facial morphing, motion tracking, gesture technology and more.
  • Passersby approach and directly interact right at street level.
  • Available nationwide.


Storescapes are available nationwide on some of the busiest streets in the top DMAs and in over 1,200 malls. Don’t see a market listed here? Ask us.

About Us

We create unforgettable advertising in public spaces.

We invented Storescapes in 2002 and over the years have done thousands of installations for hundreds of brands. It’s what we do day in and day out. This focus not only enables us to have deep operational expertise managing complex installations but also to have the best Real Estate team dedicated to procuring the highest profile locations throughout the country.


The results speak for themselves. We’ve won more digital signage content awards than any other company. Twenty–seven to be exact. More importantly, we’re proud of the fact that our clients are happy with the results and return again and again.


We’ve been fortunate to work with so many of the most well-known companies in a diverse range of industries such as healthcare, telecom, retail, consumer products, financial services and entertainment.


Our company and our work have been covered in dozens of major media outlets. Here are some examples, to name a few.

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